Broken Shovel : Homesteading for a Sustainable Future

In a world facing an environmental crisis, more and more people are turning to homesteading as a way to live more sustainably. Broken Shovel is a podcast for homesteaders, aspiring homesteaders, and anyone who is interested in learning more about sustainable living. Each week Lucas & Eric discuss global policies and their impact on climate change, how to create a sustainable homestead and how to affect change in your own back yard. Whether you’re just starting out on your homesteading journey or you’re a seasoned pro, Broken Shovel is the podcast for you. Join us as we explore the many ways that homesteading can help us build a more sustainable future. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to a more sustainable future. Subscribe to Broken Shovel today!

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4 days ago

Join Eric and Lucas as they harvest the rich history of farmers' markets! They'll explore how these marketplaces, bursting with fresh produce and local goods, first took root and blossomed into the vibrant community centers they are today.
But that's not all! Digging into the fertile ground of Vermont, Eric and Lucas will dish the dirt on the exciting developments of the 2024 Vermont Farmers Market season. They'll share opening dates, special events, and hot tips for getting the most out of your farmer's market experience.Join the conversation on R/eddit, TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Join Lucas and Eric as they dive into all things tornadoes! Get the latest forecast for 2024's tornado season, including areas at risk, and peak months, Is it global boiling or El Nino? Join the conversation on R/eddit, TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at

Foraging into Spring!

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

In this episode of Broken Shovel, Eric and Lucas get their hands dirty (and maybe a little green) as they delve into the exciting world of spring and summer foraging in Central Vermont!Join the conversation on R/eddit, TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

This week Eric and Lucas discuss climate anxiety. How they feel about it, how they deal with and ways you can get support if you need it. 
24/7 Crisis Line: 1-877-493-6216 (This is the number to call if you need to speak with someone urgently about anything related to farming life)
Main Number: 802-318-5538 (This number is staffed during business hours)
Email: (This is the email address for the resource coordinator)
Website: the conversation on R/eddit, TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

In this episode of Broken Shovel, Lucas and Eric explore how homesteaders can make a big impact on climate change through small-scale actions. They'll delve into the benefits of planting native trees and shrubs for erosion prevention, a critical step in protecting our precious soil.
Ever feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis? Lucas and Eric will also discuss the importance of setting achievable goals and creating a personalized mitigation plan for your homestead. Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just starting out, this episode will empower you to take action and become a climate champion in your backyard.
Join the conversation on R/eddit, TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

This week on the show, Eric and Lucas get down in the dirt (well, maybe not literally) with a Vermont forecast unlike any other. We're ditching the 7-day outlook and diving headfirst into the long term! El Niño might be packing its bags, but La Niña's moving in. What does this mean for the Green Mountain State? Will Eric be right about the last frost? Plus, we'll chat about everything happening right here in Vermont – because who needs national news when you've got the local lowdown? Tune in, bundle up (or don't, we won't judge your weather preparedness), and prepare for a Vermont forecast unlike any other!Join the conversation on R/eddit, TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at 

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Join Lucas and Eric as they gear up for the astronomical spectacle of the year: the total solar eclipse happening right here in Vermont on April 8th, 2024! They break down the science behind a total solar eclipse and what Vermonters can expect to witness during this rare event. Our hosts emphasize the crucial role of safe eclipse viewing. They'll discuss certified eclipse glasses, responsible observation techniques, and tips for protecting your eyes.But the conversation doesn't stop at the sky. Lucas and Eric will explore the potential environmental impact of the influx of visitors on Vermont's natural beauty. They'll share ideas for sustainable travel and responsible recreation to ensure our state shines as brightly as the eclipsed sun.
Join the conversation on TikTok @BrokensShovelFarm, Facebook, or email us at 


Lucas Daniels

Lucas is the co-host of the Broken Shovel Podcast. He lives in Vershire Vermont with his wife Meghan, dog Dusty and cat Comrade Pinklepurr. He settled on his homestead of 10 acres in 2019 and became a full time homesteader in 2022.
Using his Culinary background he crafts many delicious treats from his sprawling garden. His passions for brewing, fermenting, canning and preserving go a long way to keeping his small family fed even when the Vermont winters suggest fresh food isn’t available. 


“Through this podcast, working with Eric, I hope to not only educate people about how climate policy is driving disaster but also share with them my success’ and failures  as a homesteader so that we might learn together”.

Lucas' views and opinions are his own and do not reflect those of his employer.


Eric Boen Jr

Eric Boen is the other co-host of the Broken Shovel Podcast.  Residing at his family home in Sharon Vermont, with his two children, dog Pixel, numerous cats, a snake, and a small flock of chickens.
Eric grew up in the Green Mountains and after recently purchasing his childhood home is now starting homesteading projects to help reduce his families dependence on store bought products and living a healthy and  more sustainable lifestyle. 

Eric grew up watching his grandmother canning and preserving and he now wants to use his knowledge to help other learn how to make things for themselves.
His green thumb has allowed him to grow a beautiful garden every year and have a bountiful harvest while narrowly avoiding a blood sacrifice to the gods.
Pickling is his favorite way to preserve and has been trying to hone in on his Grandmother's sour pickle recipe.

Eric is a Network engineer by trade but has a passion for environmental science and botany. 

"With Lucas, I hope to help people appreciate the world around them and take notice of the ecosystems and ecology that surrounds us and the not so subtle dangers we are seeing in those system."


Eric's views and opinions are his own and do not reflect those of his employer.

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